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All Metal Phone and GoPro Fence Mount

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All metal fence mount with the option to use both a smart phone and GoPro style action camera. Comes with both adapters for your choice of capturing the game.

The new FenceGripz developed phone adapter is made of thick metal and has a foam pad for added protection. The included velcro strap makes sure you phone is secure in the event a ball hits the fence near the mount. It can accommodate all phones and cases.

The included action camera adapter is for GoPro and GoPro style action cameras such as DJI, Yi, Apeman and Akaso. The GoPro 8 thru 12 have a built in adapter and do not need any extra accessories.  Most others need a clear case or open frame case to attach to the included adapter.

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: ~6inx8in folded up
  • Weight: .9 lbs (without device)
  • Comes pre-assembled

The included 18inch Gear Tie is designed and engineered by Nite Ize, Inc. in Boulder, CO USA. MANUFACTURED IN USA. Patent and Trademark Information at The distinctive shapes, styles, configuration, and overall appearance of all Nite Ize products are trademarks of Nite Ize, Inc.