Our Story

FenceGripz began as a personal solution to live stream games for family and friends due to the unknowns of Covid. Once youth sporting events were finally allowed to start after the Covid shutdown, several people were still hesitant to go to large gatherings. We volunteered to live stream our travel ball games so those that couldn't come would still be able to cheer on their team.

We were unable to get an already known product in time, therefore decided to make our own just for the first tournament. Having a 3D printer, we made a quick design and used things we already had lying around. After seeing that the mount worked better than we thought it would, we made some design changes and used it at the next tournament. Several tournaments and design changes later, we had a mount that was easily adjustable and would work on any field with chain link fence and netting.

Throughout the fall season of 2020 we had been asked several times where we got the mounts from, and when we replied that we made them, we were then asked if we were selling them as well. In January 2021, we pulled the trigger and decided to start selling our mounts through Etsy. The overwhelming support during our time on Etsy has paved the way for us to now provide an online market place to sell the mounts. It has been extremely helpful for those that want to capture the moments without having the fence in the way. We are grateful for the continued love and support for this great project, and look forward to creating more to share with you all in the future!


Your FenceGripz Team